Writing Emails that Others Want to Read

We care about the importance of reading emails that are understood by your recipient. We want them to get opened, answered, and returned positively. You too? Then read on to learn five essential aspects of email writing.

Writing emails that are easy to understand and resonate with your recipient can be difficult and hard. But, it can also be straightforward! The following five tricks will help you communicate clearly:

  1. Be short.
  2. Use logic.
  3. Connect your ideas.
  4. Use clear language.
  5. Write in the present.

Firstly, it helps to write short and clear sentences because it takes away processing work from your reader (at least Sciences says so). help the reader to follow your thoughts (read here why). Third, if you ever feel like your thoughts are unrelated - do not worry. Just try to connect them with infilling an additional sentence. Finally, bridging ideas helps never to lose track on your red threat (read more).

Fourth, using simple and straightforward language helps to understand you and is essential. Imagine a person has to look up a term to understand you. Do not take away their concentration like that. Fifth, you are communicating clearly if you write in present (wherever applicable). This produces a sence of presence and makes your message more tangible (read here why).

Luckily, all these aspects can be supported or achieved with artificial intelligence (AI) today. At Persuaide, we have features that cover the five tricks presented in this article. So just try them out and use AI without coding or anything like that. To use it, just (1) mark some text in your message and (2) click the corresponding button.

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You will become more persuasive wth the help of AI. At Persuaide, we set on a mission to help everybody to become better at communication.

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