How to Resonate With Your Recipients

Do you want to make sure that the recipient of your email understands you? Do you want to get a positive response to your email? Then you have to write for your recipients, not for yourself. In other words: “Be a mirror

Resonating can be as easy as repeat the last three words (or the critical one to three words) of what someone has written. Subconsciously, we fear what is different and find comfort in similarity. We even have seen this ourselves in an experimental study that we conducted(read the study here) at MIT. In this study, we conclude that successfully written persuasiveness relates to the “alignment of tonal formality, emotionality, and comprehensiveness with a recipient in a structured and logically coherent manner in a text.” (Duerr et al. 2021, page 7)

Oh yeah :woman_facepalming: how researchy! Let us try to explain this definition a bit more understandable. Resonating with your recipient can be achieved with three simple things:

Firstly, Formality. You must have been in this situation when someone official wrote ‘Dear Mrs.’ and ended in ‘Kind regards.’ That is easy to mimic because you simply copy that formal style. However, imagine a professor sent you an email and started with ‘Hi there’ and finished with ‘Sincerely yours’ - What do you do now? Do you copy his informal style or do you try to be formal? Here it is key to mirror this professor. If you copy her style, you are not making a mistake but embracing their informality with kindness. It will help!

The second aspect is Emotionality. Let us look at it from a psychological perspective. Imagine that you are writing to an introvert (25-40% of humans are introverts). How would you do that? Well, the solution is you would write more emotionally neutral or authoritative. For extroverts, you would find an activating or positive for style. Let us give you an example: A study from 2019 found that the following sentences resonated better with extroverts, respectively introverts in the Netherlands.

Introvert Extrovert
The green party is carefully trying to build a fairer and greener Netherlands. In all humility, we stand up for every citizen to gradually contribute to the well-being of every individual. Do you want to make a small contribution? Support our program. The green party guarantees a fairer and greener Netherlands. For us, everyone deserves maximum attention, and we place the well-being of every individual in the spotlight. Bring out the hero in you and support our great program!

Lastly, Comprehensiveness. You want to be understood! How can you be understood? Well the simple approach is: use short and consise words that everybody understands. Read here how AI can help you with that. However, what do you do if your recipient writes in a rather complicated way? Let us imagine that you are writing to a Ph.D. that loves to use some complex and intellectual language (right? who borrows from academic phrasing such as intellectual? :grinning:). What to do? Firstly, get an idea how your writing compares to his. Secondly, follow mirroring again. Thus, you want to make sure you write equally complex as your recipient because you write for them. Not yourself.

Mirror Resonating Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Luckily, all these techniques can be supported or achieved with artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays. At Persuaide, we have features that help you to adapt your writing. Just try them out and use AI without coding or anything like that. It is simple: Insert a sample text by your recipient in order to adapt to their reading needs. By doing so, our suggestions will give you tips on how to rewrite your content to ensure that your message resonates with your recipient.

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