A brief guideline on Using Resonaid

Install & use Resonaid to reduce your outreach time!

Just follow these 7 simple steps to install Resonaid.

A. Go to the Resonaid extension in the Chrome Webstore. Next, click Add to Chrome.

Add to Chrome

C. You will face a pop-up “Add Resonaid?”. Please click on Add Extension. Once, the extension is successfully added, you will get another pop-up reading “Resonaid has been added to Chrome.”

Add Resonaid

D. In order to use the extension, click the puzzle icon in the upper right corner as indicated on the below image.

Pro Tip: You want to click the pin next to the Resonaid logo (the blue parrot) for easy access.

Puzzle Icon & Pin

E. You’re almost done. Now, go to your own LinkedIn profile, and click the Resonaid extension. A prompt will ask you to confirm that This is my profile as a ground truth.

This is my profile

F. Congrats! By now, you are able to use Resonaid! Just identify any contact on LinkedIn, click the Resonaid extension, and get a highly personalized message.

Message in Extension

Thank you for supporting our entrepreneurial dreams!

Message in Textbox

- The Persuaide Team