Resizing Multiple Images in Python

I need to equally size all images within a folder for my weekend project on a new web page. For that, you firstly need to import PIL, os and sys. PIL is the :snake: image library, and os and sys are needed for navigating the file system of your operating system.

from PIL import Image
import os, sys

Afterwards, you define the input and output folder. The input folder contains all images in high resolution as shot by my different iPhones of the past years. Additionally, you are defining a temporary variable dirs for saving paths.

path = "input/"
output = "output/"
dirs = os.listdir(path)

The function resize() iterates over all files in the directory. If a .DS_Store is recognized (it is a MacOS specific file) then the algorithm just continues, with taking an image, resizing it, and saving it. Resizing is done by the function thumbnail() which takes a tuple. The function creates thumbnails of all JPEG images in the input directory preserving aspect ratios with 1080,1080 max resolution.

def resize():
    for file in dirs:
        if file == '.DS_Store':
        if os.path.isfile(path+item):
            im =
            f, e = os.path.splitext(path+item)
            im.thumbnail((1080,1080), Image.ANTIALIAS)

This way, you do not need to manually manipulate images in your file system.