About Me

Hi there,

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I am Sebastian. I have a passion for NLP. So much so that I took a sabbatical from my management job to become an NLP engineer. If you meet me, chances are I’m training another deep neural network, either for my job or for fun. Besides coding, I love yoga, hiking, cooking, and running.

My Management Expertise stems from Product Development as a senior manager (2 years), and my Software Engineering Skills shine when it comes to Natural Language Processing (3 years). Hence, I am both a manager and an engineer.

Prior to my current role Machine Learning Engineer, my main focus was on training deep neural networks / NLP. I worked as a visiting student in Peter Gloor’s laboratory at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and contributied as an NLP Engineer at Narrativa. I got a chance to present my work for Narrativa at datalift #3 - a Data Science conference. During my sabbatical, I certified in Machine Learning, Deep Learning in NLP, and went through Y Combinator’s Startup School.

Before my sabbatical at MIT I assumed a role as Chief Product Owner (senior project manager) for the consumer products of Austria’s biggest bank. It was their digital business management boutique Raiffeisen Digital. My responsibilities focused on the entire life cycle of consumer banking products with more than 80,000 clicks per month (e.g. granting of loans, opening of accounts or qualifying for a credit card). That meant the coordination of fourteen projects for product development, optimization and operation. Besides, I gained expertise in disciplinary management of two business analysts (Paul and Damaris), technical and budgetary management for three agile dev teams (end2end, leasing, and finance) as well as timely coordination with executive management, product specialists, marketing, sales and business support units.

Trained in Information Systems at Germany’s best University (German only) in that field in 2020, I hold a B.Sc. and M.Sc. (with honors) from the University of Bamberg. In addition, I was a research assistant for two years at the University of Bamberg and the German Graduate School of Management and Law, where I worked closely with Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel, Prof. Dr. Heinz-Theo Wagner, and Dr. Prof. Daniel Beimborn on digital innovations.


My Raiffeisen Product responsibilities was on the following products:

ML Engineer at Kindest AI

2021 — 2022

Continuation of my research with MIT funded by German Federal Ministry.

Machine Learning Engineer, Remote

2020 — 2021

Helping Narrativa.com with their service offer.

Deep Learning Research Scientist, Remote

2020 — 2021

One year visiting grad student at MIT and research scientist in NLP for Narrativa.com - an AI startup.

Chief Product Owner, Raiffeisen Digital, Austria.

2018 — 2020

Lead / Senior Manager in Digital Banking Products.

Research Associate, German Graduate School, Germany.

2014 — 2017

Student & Research Scholar on Digital Innovations.

Intern, BASF East Asian Headquarters, Hong Kong.

2014 — 2014

Global Product Management Intern.

Scholar, IT Management, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.

2013 — 2013

Erasmus Student

Student, Information Systems, University of Bamberg, Germany.

2011 — 2013

Student of Information Systems.